Plans for Holy Week and beyond at Trinity Lutheran Church

To my beloved, baptized and blood-bought saints, in the Name of Jesus who is the Hinge of History, the Help of History and the Hope of History, greetings!


Having met last Wednesday evening as elders to see what we can do to care for the souls of the saints entrusted to my care (Acts 20:28),  here is what will happen at Trinity going forward starting this Sunday until the ban of assembling with less than 10 is removed. 

1 -  All members are invited to come to church and remain in their cars in the parking lot. (Those who don't come, can follow from home on YouTube. The bulletin is available on our web site, under Information then Bulletin) 

2 - Each car will receive a bulletin and be able to follow along on YouTube with their smart phone/tablets the service. You can watch, hear, and participate. I will be in the Sanctuary preaching. (If you don't have a smart phone/Tablet we are working to have a few sanitized ones that we may be able to provide)

3 - After services where there is communion (Maundy Thursday, Easter, 2nd & 4th Sunday’s), I will consecrate the elements and with the aid of our elders walk towards the canopy

a.    An elder will direct cars to move forward under the canopy to receive communion. There you will receive instruction on how to receive the wafer and wine.

b.    We will take great care as we offer each car the wafer and the wine to ensure it is not touched and there is no possible transmission between Pastor, elder, or other cars.

c.    As you leave the canopy to go home, there will a table with an offering plate. (There is also on-line giving available via our website.)

d.    Each person will receive the benediction as they drive away.

We are doing this starting this Sunday and every service going forward. We will not force anyone to come or do what they don't feel comfortable to do. 

Upcoming Services for Holy Week
            Palm Sunday - 9am Sunday April 5th
            Maundy Thursday – 7pm, Thursday April 9th (Holy Communion)
            Good Friday – 7pm, Friday April 10th
            Easter! – 9am, Sunday April 12th (Holy Communion) 

May these thoughts be of good use to the glory of God (Romans 8:28) and beneficial to all. 

In Christ's love and in His Service,

Rev. Nabil S. Nour Pastor, Foot washer and proud grandfather